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Synchronous local storage plugin makes your life easier when using Construct 2!

The local storage plugin in Construct 2 is built on asynchronous model. That means it is inconvenient to use but has a good performance even with very big chunk of data. Generally, it is not worth dealing the complexity of asynchronous calls when you just save/load a few bytes of data like game level number or player score because synchronous storage operation  also has a very decent  performance on such small data.

Synchronous local storage plugin for Construct 2 provides complete synchronous local storage functions. The API is very similar to built-in local storage plugin in C2 and full compatible with it. That means you can write a piece of data with synchronous storage plugin then recover it with C2' built-in storage plugin or the opposite.

It is very easy to use with full documentation and a demo covering all API usage. Don't be hesitate to contact me if you has any question.

Thank you and happy developing!


API Reference


Item exists 

Return true if the item exists in local storage and false if not.


Remove item 

 Remove (delete) a key from storage.

Set item 

 Set the value of a key in storage.

Clear storage 

 Remove (delete) all items from storage, reverting it back to the empty state.



 The value for a given key. Return "" if the key not exists in local storage.


 The value for a given key. Return default value if the key not exists in local storage.


 Return the name of the key at the given zero-based index in the list.


 Return the number of key names in the list.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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